Welcome to Exam Plus Tuitions

Being one of the best tuition centers in Purley, we provide after school academic coaching to the students belonging to the 4 to 16 years’age- group. We help the students improve their skills, confidence and work towards achieving their goals.

We also offer 11+ coaching for students in Year 4 / Year 5.

What we offer:

  • Tuition classes every Sunday 10AM-12PM.
  • Free assessment.
  • Structured courses suitable for UK education system.
  • Weekly practice to improve skills, accuracy and confidence.
  • Optionally, tutors assist with school homework.
  • Learning throughworksheets. Computer based resources also available.
  • 11+ coaching for Year 4 / Year 5 students
  • GCSE Revision Classes

English tuition

Our teachers encourage your child to achieve their fullest potential. We provide Maths and English to students from Year1 till GCSE’s. We also offer GCSE Science courses.

The teachers assess the students’ progress, provide them support and encouragement and challenge them to achieve higher. Children requiring extra attention are provided the support and guidance to build their confidence. Exam Plus Tuitions provides your child with the personalised coursework which helps them enjoy the studies and set higher goals for themselves.

Regular tests are to assess the students’continuing progress.

GSCE revision classes for Maths, English and Triple Science. Students hone their skills, practice the key techniques and are provided regular practice tests and mock tests.

For any other queries, please contact us and book a free appointment.


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English tuition

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