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English tuition

Exam Plus Tuitions provide tuition in Purley and Caterham towns. Our Tuition Centre is located at:

Soper Hall,
Harestone Valley Road,
Caterham, CR3 6HY

Car Parking: Upto 3 hours Free Car Parking is available next door at Morrisons.

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Primary School Students

At Exam Plus Tuitions, we help the students learn the new skills to improve their confidence. Regular practice improves the speed and accuracy. The primary school children achieve better success in their schools and their grades improve. The work sheets provide ample opportunity to the primary school children to practice variations of the skills, improve their understanding and build strong foundations.

Secondary School Students

At Exam Plus Tuitions, we help the students build on the new skills they have acquired in the primary school. The courses are customised to provide them support in the key areas to boost their understanding of the key fundamentals and improve their confidence.Secondary school children learn the advanced topics in Maths and practice the challenging problems to better prepare them to easily cope with the higher mathematical concepts in the years to come. The English courses improve their knowledge of English Language, vocabulary and grammar. The students are encouraged to develop style of their writing. The secondary school children demonstrate better confidence in their classes and their school grades improve. The parents are impressed when they get the words of encouragement or positive feedback from the school head teachers.

The Exam Plus Tuition courses are suitable for all the secondary school children till GCSE’s. We provide Maths and English tuition.

11+ Preparation

At Exam Plus Tuitions, we help the students prepare for success in the 11+ Exam. The students who are studying at 11 plus level are always bothered about the challenges facing success in Eleven Plus Exams and to secure admission in the Grammar School of their choice. Our teachers help such students to find a better way of acquiring the key numeracy, literacy, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning skills. At 11 plus level, the requirement of the knowledge are very complex. Initially these might appear to be daunting, but with coaching by Exam Plus Tuition tutors students gain the confidence to tackle them quickly. Our professionally skilled, qualified and experienced teachers help the students with the key topics in a structured manner and at a pace suitable to them so that they can achieve high ranking in their 11 plus exam.

At this level, the students need to study regularly in order to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying. Our aim is to help the students to grasp the facts and apply their own learning and understanding on the examination paper. Our programs are designed in such a way so that the students get motivated and encouraged to study.

Our goal is to provide the students with a variety of challenges so that they do not get confused after reading the question paper in the examination. For instance, we prepare the students for non- verbal reasoning test. It involves the ability of the students to analyse and understand the visual information that is being provided in the question paper. For instance, it includes the identification of relationships, differences, and similarities between patterns and shapes, identifying the relationship between the objects and so on. With proper explanation and application of elimination techniques, the teachers help the students to achieve proficiency in the non-verbal reasoning.

Exam Plus Tuitions also help the students prepare forverbal reasoningtest. This type of test aims to judge the ability of the student to reason and comprehend by using concepts that are expressed through words. The students provided systematic tools to build their vocabulary, improve their comprehension skills, strengthen their grammar. The program provides ample practice to students to improve their verbal reasoning skills. Regular tests aid to provide the much-needed practice and enable the children to take up verbal reasoning test with confidence.

GCSE Revision Classes

Exam Plus Tuitions provide GCSE revision classes in Maths, English and Science. Each class session is focussed on one key topic. The key concepts are quickly recapitulated. The tutors then provide guidance on solving the type of problems that students are expected to encounter in the actual GCSE exam. The batches are run in small groups so that the students achieve the maximum benefit from these sessions.