Maths and English Tuition

Exam Plus Tuitions provides after school tuition to Primary School and Secondary School children and has centres in Purley and Caterham. Our teachers assess the specific needs of each child and customise tuition program to provide the right level of support to them. Regular attendance of the class improves their study habits, theygain confidence and achieve higher success as school.

English tuition

English Tuition

English requires knowledge of multiple skills e.g. vocabulary, sentence construction, understanding of the rules of grammar, reading comprehension, writing ability. Our English tuition programs are suitable for children of all ages, from year 1 to GCSE. The courses are structured to meet the skills required by the National Curriculum. Our English courses also provide ample opportunity to improve handwriting. Right from early stages children learn good writing habits, use of concise sentence construction and choice of powerful vocabulary and develop their own writing style.

Mathematics Tuition

Mathematics Tuition

Most of the students who dislike Maths because they aren’t able to solve the problems with great accuracy. In our Mathematics tuition classes, the students are provided skills to overcome the fear of the subject and then they take it as a challenge to do better. Learning maths demands observation, understanding of the rules and applying them systematically. In our maths tuition classes, the students first analyze the problem, choose appropriate approach and then to solve it. This improves their understanding of the subject, accuracy of their results and boosts their scores.

To improve the understand of Maths and to get a proper grasp of the subject, you can enroll your child in our math's tuition classes. The learning materials help the students acquire the essential concepts and become proficient.